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The Boo Boo Crew ®

Bettering the breed


About Us

A Quality Animal Breeder

The boo boo crew is a well known Breeder in the heart of Sydney We started breeding these wonderful animals back in 2008 Originally we did not plan to operate as a professional Animal Breeder, we just wanted a wonderful pet for ourselves. However, we became hooked and soon we added a second and then a third one to our family after the years . After acquiring a lot of information about the breeding process followed by on going studies and experience we decided to do our part in preserving it, which led to the birth of our Sydney business. Since then, we’ve known so much love, joy and excitement! We wanted to better the breed and make the greatest Companionship for anyone that desired one our puppys have cured people with depression to children that have special needs ,Our main priority is ensuring the health and well-being, behaviour of all our animals from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond. We are always there for all our furbabys and do like to keep in touch to see how the new addition to the loving new family is going along . With the knowledge of studies , experience and skills in breeding with these amazing animals we can assure you we are able to provide you with the right companion animal for you and your needs .

The Kings Of Kings 


Black spotted Merle 

At The boo boo crew, Valentino is one of the most beautiful types of the French bulldog breeds we have ever seen. He is known as a black spotted Merle carrier of Chocolate. He has a wonderfully cheeky disposition that compliments his good solid looks perfectly. VALENTINO IS AVAILABLE FOR STUD SERVICES. 


The Queens Of Queens

Boo Boo

The Star of the Show

From the minute I was able to get my hands on her , Boo Boo has completely captivated me her big eyes and loving,calm personality are an unbeatable combination and she sure has captured my heart she is the main queen with her darling daughter bamba 



Adventurous and loving 

We love all our animals at The boo boo crew, they all hold there individual personalities . Just like us humans . Bamba has a wonderfully cheeky disposition that compliments her cute demeanor perfectly.

Valentina Queen to be 

Mischievous Bundle of Fun

There’s no doubt Valentina is going to grow into a big solid baby she shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. With her inquisitive personality, this is an animal who will need plenty of love and attention! Which we can surly provide she will be one of our amazing queens . She is the colouring of a tri blue and tan and is a possible Carrier of chocolate . We cannot wait to see what amazing fur babies she will bring in the future 


White China 

White as snow 

From the minute they were born, White China has completely captivated us. Their big eyes and sunny personality are an unbeatable combination and they are sure to bring lots of joy to their new forever family.

COTIN a chocolate dream 

Bag of chocolates 

Contin is a chocolate dream ! She is one of our beautiful queens here at the boo boo crew and she’s a delight . A choc trindle in colour followed with the most stunning deep eyes I have ever seen . Beautifully built, with a great posture and a warm fuzzy heart . Her lines which contains imports carry choc,blue,blue and tan and the amazing lilac and tan .. 



If you are looking for a fur friend, this is the place! Here you will find the members of the boo boo crew who have been born but have not found a home yet .Have a look at our precious babies below .

At the boo boo crew we are proud to announce with a warm heart that we have the most cutest furbabys ... we are taking interests. 

The amazing Ragdolls,French bulldogs and Pomeranians are amazing family pets with lots of love and an energetic outgoing nature but not for every house hold so please do your research and ask if there are some things your uncertain. With we are here for all and willing to answer all questions in regards to these Babies. Unfortunately we do not breed Siberian husky’s anymore … 

We work with these Babies with a lot of love and pride even after they are rehomed we still give lifetime support for your fur baby . All babies are on a raw diet followed by a high quality dry and wet food.  Here at the boo boo crew it is critical that kittens and puppies are handled daily from birth followed with play time daily . This ensures the kittens and Puppys personality is at its best all animals at The Boo Boo Crew are very well socialised and all have there own bubbly individual personalities.  

All our Furbabys come Vet Checked by our  trusted vet ,vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated ,wormed every 2 weeks from birth comes with their vet certificates, pedigree paper work limited or mains (depending ) we breed pedigree and non pedigree, starter pack which includes Advance dry and wet food ,care booklet made by us,written information from our vet ,pet insurance ,desexing contract! . All kittens will be toilet trained puppys will need ongoing training 

Parents have been DNA TESTED and are our loving pets . All are here to be viewed when visiting The Boo Boo Crew  if needed baby’s also can be Delivered or interstate travel can be arranged 

All the advice you need will be given while here either your a new pet owner or have the experience of owning one 

We are Registered breeder with MDBA,

NCPI and AAPDB you may contact us to clarify our identification numbers  

Followed by many years of experience in breeding also with the knowledge of of animal studies , dog care, dog training and dog psychology . Undergoing Animal Breeding and Genetics


Contact us via the link below so you can meet us and these beautiful baby’s in person . 


Suger is a perfect example of the Pomeranian breed .They are very curious and playful even tho she is so tiny and will get on well with other animals. Get in touch with us quickly, because a pet like this won’t stay with us for very long. Sugar has been reserved . Please contact us to see if we have more little babies . Suger has been rehomed .



All are a cute ball of fur and playfulness. They all have been introduced to small children since birth and household pets already, and have been great at potty training with no mistakes. We are a bit sad to say goodbye to these little bubbas but can’t wait to see which family they will join.
Update ~ all have found there forever homes 

Princess Mia 

Princess Mia is a beautiful blue point lynx . She has amazing unusual markings update ~ Princess Mia has found her forever home 


We are expecting ragdolls

At the boo boo crew we are very proud to announce a litter of babies are on there way The litter will have the colourings of blue points and blue bi colours . If you would like to be on the waiting list please let us know ~Available ~

Polar bear 

We haven’t had a pure white Siberian husky in quite some time so this is really exciting and a beautiful moment to us . He has the most brightest blue eyes and is sure to break some hearts with his beauty . 
Update ~Polar bear has found his forever home 


Cuteness overload 

What more could you want when you have a puppy and ballons 
Here we have a stunning red and white male Siberian husky furbaby . He has a cheeky playful relaxed personality.
Update ~ This beautiful boy has been sold  

We have Pomeranians available

Most of our Pomeranians have been reserved.....  We have 3 merle babies available All babys have be rehomed


A beautiful blue Merle Pomeranian named spice 🌶 

Here at The Boo Boo Crew are so proud to have this little blue Merle . She’s contains amazing colours followed by a all cleared DNA testing and the most perfect personality to match her beautiful look . She’s just like a mini princess and she’s available for a loving home ~rehomed ~

Black bora 

Black bora is a pure black Pomeranian he doesn’t have any specs of white . He has the softest fur to touch just like silk followed by a cuteness overload of personality, and of course that cute face . We can stare at him all day .~Rehomed~


If you want to be added to our list for future litters, please get in touch.


Guiding Philosophy

Humane Treatment

At The boo boo crew, we continue to care about our animals long after they leave us. As such, it’s our strict policy to only sell to individuals; To make sure our animals get the forever home they deserve, we carefully interview all potential owners . Contact us to find out more about the process or to get on our waiting list.



Satisfied Clients

At The boo boo crew, we pride ourselves on providing excellent - and transparent - service. If you’d like to get an idea of some of the experiences past clients have had, take a look at the selection of testimonials below.


I was very nervous and overwhelmed, finding the right puppy for me. Combing the internet and contacting breeders from states all over Australia and not finding a match was quite disheartening. Thankfully I came across a beautiful little litter that had been advertised in NSW, so I tried my luck one last time. Christina replies to my message and instantly loved my story and assured they had the puppy for me. Christina was absolutely amazing and being that I lived in QLD, I was worried that id miss out. But I was shown just as much curtesy as the locals coming to meet her fur babies.   I was able to FaceTime with Christina to meet my little boy and she made sure little Lycan was healthy and kept me up to date with his Vetenary appointments until he was old enough to be flown to his new home here in QLD. Christina made everything super easy for me to understand and how the interstate travelling worked for animals and I couldn’t be happier with my experience with the boo boo crew. I can not imagine life without my cheeky little husky boy. 
Lawrence McCudden



We bought our beautiful Rosie from Christina at thebooboocrew as a companion for our 6 year old son Max. Christina was very knowledgeable about the frenchie breed and spent the time with me to make sure I was fully prepared to help Rosie transition  to her new home very well.  Rosie has been a perfect addition  to our family. She is adorable, fun and loving. We get so  many comments from people about how cute she is. We would highly recommend purchasing a pet from Christina. Jason Sarah Max and Molly.



 I took my Lumi home from the lovely Christina on ANZAC Day 2019. I had wanted a cat for years and our family had finally decided on the ragdoll breed. She was the sweetest thing and I fell in love with her from the second I saw her. The whole process was so smooth and the little starter pack that Christina provided me with at the start was super helpful. A lot of information in regards to her food, vaccinations and flea/worming treatments was provided to me. I recommend the booboo crew with my whole heart and I thank them for our beautiful baby.



When we bought Axel from the booboocrew a year ago, we were so relieved to be met by the loving & very knowledgeable Christina! She was so helpful in providing us with lots of information regarding how to care for Axel as a puppy & an adult Siberian Husky. Axel has been the perfect addition to our family, he is the perfect pup & has far exceeded our expectations! We couldn’t be happier & are so glad that we have found our gorgeous pup



We've had the best experience with Christina from the Boo Boo Crew. She has always been available to answer our questions and provide advice even before we had decided to buy our puppy from her. It was very important for us to make sure that our puppy came from a good home where the dogs are treated well, and we know that this has been the case for our new pomeranian puppy Poppy. Christina sent us photos of our puppy each week after her birth and we met the puppy and parents a couple of weeks before we picked her up. The parents are both well natured and it was important for us to meet them as well.  Christina is very knowledgeable and clearly cares very much for all her animals.
Our new Pomeranian puppy Poppy is very happy, easy going and cute. Poppy's been well socialised and had no trouble fitting into our home thanks to the careful breeding and support from Christina. For example, Christina provided us with advice on how to introduce the new puppy to our existing pomeranian Polo, and this worked perfectly. Christina also advised us of the care she took to minimise the separation anxiety our puppy may have when leaving her home, and it worked as Poppy has slept well from the first night here at our home. It's been 2 weeks now and thanks to the advice from Christina our new puppy Poppy and our existing pomeranian Polo have already become close friends. Christina also offered to provide support at any time that we need which has helped to reduce any stress that we felt. We have really enjoyed the whole experience and would highly recommend the Boo Boo Crew.



I adopted my little fur baby Zuko on Sunday the 27th of October 2019 from the lovely Cristina. Zuko still had 5 weeks to go before I could bring him home and I got update photos every week of him so I could still watch him grow. If I ever needed to get into contact with Cristina for anything she would always reply back as soon as possible and was always super helpful and friendly. I fully believe that how your pets are raised from the beginning will determine how they act and behave when they grow older and you could tell from the very start Zuko had come from a loving home and had all his needs fulfilled. My Zuko is such a sweet heart and he is the perfect cat, he is very loving and cuddly and helps a lot with my anxiety. If you are looking for the perfect kitty I would would highly recommend adopting from the booboo crew. I went home not with just my new baby but a whole starter pack with lots of information and all his paperwork. I love my Zuzu so much and cannot thank the booboo crew enough for giving me my new baby.




Deuce and Monster 

We love The Boo Boo Crew!! We have bought two beautiful babies from the divine Christina, who has become a dear friend of mine over time. Deuce Bigalow, a stunning Rag Doll is the first first cat in our family, a year ago he joined 3 dogs, they all got on straight away and are very close now, he’s the most beautiful, darling hearted cat, he’s so loving and gentle and he is wonderful with all our dogs and kids, we also purchased another little boy kitten just recently, Monster, he’s a Seal Lynx Rag Doll and he’s truly a little monster, he’s stunning to look at and plays dead when the kids pick him up. Monster is a good little dude and Deuce is very protective of him which is so sweet to watch, they’re like brothers. I can’t recommend Christina and The Boo Boo Crew enough, she’s so professional, very easy to work with and the foxiest cat lady I’ve ever met!



My furbaby Hwan came home four months ago, and even now i am still so relieved i found The Boo Boo Crew.Hwan has the most beautiful personality which means her parents temperaments are 👌on point & shows she was well-handled & socialised, which is a great reflection of Christina and her family!From first contact, Christina was sooo accomodating & friendly. I was welcomed into her house to meet potential furbabies, then she let me visit my baby until she could come home 💕 Plus lots of photo updates and helpful advice :)Christina was so professional and caring of her furbabies. So were her family! Their openness & comfortable interaction with their pets (and mine) reassured me & I felt confident adopting from The Boo Boo Crew.Hwan definitely spent her first 8weeks in a loving home with solid care & attention.Couldn’t be happier with The Boo Boo Crew!There’s noone else i would recommend for healthy, happy, beautiful kitties ❤️



I can’t even put into words how thankful I am to Christina and the Boo Boo Crew! From the our first inquiry Christina has been absolutely amazing and so helpful! She sent us adorable pictures and videos of our fur baby every week while we waited to pick her up, I have never had a puppy of my own before and I felt so confident in Christina throughout the whole process. When we picked our little girl up she was the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen! Christina provided us with everything we needed to set her up at home, and talked us through the whole process of getting her settled, even gifting us an abundance of beautiful toys for her to play with! We named our baby girl Berry and we couldn’t possibly love her more! She is the most beautiful, calm and loving puppy and it clear from her nature that she was cared for in a warm and loving environment. I could not recommend Christina and the Boo Boo Crew enough! They are absolutely amazing ❤️


Koda and Ava 

I am so thankful for the boo boo crew to breed such beautiful Siberian Huskies I came across Christina while looking for our first puppy and how lucky I was to find her she not only gave us koda who is now 15 months old but also saved us our beautiful Ava in her next litter who is three months old now they love each other so much and we love them even more!  Christina goes beyond and above bringing up all her for babies she’s always there for any help needed also provides so many updates and photos even before you receive your baby to we are forever grateful and can’t thank you enough



At the beginning of this year I was hospitalised due to do depression and anxiety. When I was in treatment my Dr recommended that I get a dog for some companionship. Out of pure luck, I stumbled upon Christina and my beautiful baby. I was overwhelmed about all the different choices and breeders but once I met Christina I felt so at ease and fell in love with my baby the minute I met him. Murphy is now 9 months old and is the bestest friend I could have ever asked for. He gets me out of the house everyday, and snuggles up to me every night. I couldn’t be more grateful for my experience, and for Murphy.



I have been looking for a puppy as a surprise present for my fianceé for a while now. During covid, it was hard . Finding the right pet wasn't easy.A friend helped me look for the puppy we wanted and we stumbled upon this ad on gumtree. As always, we have to make sure everything was legit as many scammers were popping up more frequently.Christina was able to clearly message us on the details and show legitimacy of her brand. This include all documents and certificates. I knew this was it.
I am so pleased I was able to buy a puppy from a person who enjoys breeding and giving them their full attention.Timing couldn't be anymore perfect. With the love of the photos week by week while trying to hide them in my phone gallery. Christina has given us her full support with any question we have which put us at ease.
I can't thank Christina enough for changing our lives with our new family member. I will never forget this 💜



If it wasn’t for Christina from thebooboocrew i don’t think we would have ever been at peace if we went with another so called “breeder” after weeks of searching very specifically for a blue point ragdoll kitten and being almost sold and scammed by another “breeder” and made to believe it was a blue point when in fact it wasnt!!! it really makes you think twice about who you buy from after also finding out this persons breeders license was a fake. 
Christina sat down and made me feel very welcome explaining and going through document after document of her breeding and knowledge which made myself and my wife feel very comfortable we love our little blue point “Elsa” she couldn’t be more perfect after bringing tears of excitement to my 5 year old daughter ! 
WoooHooooo TheBooBooCrew! ❤️


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When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul .

All you need is love and a companion 


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