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Dream ride cart

Dream ride cart

Dream ride cart 

Features & details
【High-quality materials】 This folding dream ride is made of sturdy and durable high-quality polypropylene and polypropylene casing, with rust-resistant aluminum alloy handle (ultra light) and wear-resistant and pressure-resistant TPE rubber wheels, flexible rotation and good cushioning performance. It is suitable for different roads, including blind roads, rough sandstone ground, etc. built to have a long practical life.
【Smart and simple】The wheels can be easily removed and replacement is simple if needed ! The cart has a lid to keep baby safe . Lid is only to be used while under supervision and for small amounts of time. 
【Space saving】With the ergonomic space-saving folding flat design, you only need to unfold the dream ride carrier and slide the fixing bar to turn it into a storage box. Slide the fixing bar again to fold easy to clean 
【Portable and practical】 The shopping cart has a wide range of uses and is an indispensable item in life. The dream ride carrier can be easily folded in a few seconds, saving more space and light weight . The height of the handle can also be adjusted. You can adjust it according to your desired height, and it feels very comfortable.

When carrying your original pet carrier to the vet etc you may have noticed some  shoulder pain . 
With this dream ride you can say bye to sore shoulders . 
Taking baby to the vet has never been any easier with this carrier . A much more smoother trip . 
Carrier can be placed on any seat in your car . 
When arriving at your destination take the carrier out pull the adjustable tab to your height likings and off you go . 

A great product for breeders taking your litters to the vet . Litter of puppies and kittens and be quite heavy and over time can cause some damage to your shoulders 
We use and highly recommend this product. We don’t use normal carriers anymore thanks to this product 

Available in pink and mint green .
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