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Le de boo 224

Le de boo 224


Inspired by the the gardens of spring . Notes of 
rose,chamomile,calendula ,jasmine ,musk and with a touch of orange blossom to make the perfect blend.  This is a floral , fresh unisex scent. Combining musk with rose it reinvents the classic musk note for a more opulent fragrance. this is an unusual scent great for the ones that don’t want a scent that is to familiar and wants to be a little bit different . Ideal for refreshing the coat or use after washing or grooming . You will be smelling your baby all day long 


Calendula - Calms, soothes and protects irritated skin

Rose - helps with Anxiety ,Aggression,Emotional trauma ,Separation anxiety ,deters flea and tick infestations

Exacts of calendula,coconut and Licorice root it will help nourish and leave the coat healthy and shinny followed by a beautiful scent 

Personally one of my favourites ! 


Product features 

Alcohol free

Colour free

Free from animal derived ingredients 



Spray and mist over either a wet coat after shampooing or a dry coat and leave to dry naturally. Use as required to neutralise odours and refresh the coat. For dog and puppy use only 

Do not overuse.

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