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Multi carry me bag

Multi carry me bag

This all in one carry me bag has been designed to help baby owners make life a little easier where this bag is a carrier,car booster , bed can even be used shopping or when at a cafe ….

* Material: Luxury vegan leather & Velvet,Diamond-shaped quilting , +PP fibre . keep the baby warm and comfortable this all in one is very resistant and very durable.

* Easy to install, adjustable buckle design, so it can be quickly installed according to model car, suitable for a variety of car types.

* The seat belts keep your baby safe . It is by law that all dogs or cats in cars must be restrained .

This all in one dog carrier will keep baby restrained and safe while you drive .

* It can be installed in the car’s front seat or rear seat based on your likes

This all in one bag is a daily necessity taken on sleep overs where baby will have a bed , carry bag to the vet or in the shopping centre , while your shopping the bag can go in the trolly or having lunch in a cafe where your baby can enjoy the day as much as you.

* Removable mat,easy to clean; The dog car seat has a good warmth function. Zipper all around all inserts and be removed and washed

Note: This all in one carrier bag

suitable for small pets







D rings ,adjustable safe leashes,seatbelt ,folding clips , easy to carry handles .

    $300.00 Regular Price
    $140.00Sale Price
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