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Organic Catnip

Organic Catnip

SKU: 364215376135191

All of our 100% NZ Wool felt balls are Eco friendly, safe and 100% oragnic. Durable to withstand hours of play. Designed to give your cat maximum joy and excitement.

Want to keep a kitty from clawing your furniture? Rub a scratching post with catnip from the capsule to make it more appealing . This semi -squishy toy is free from any harmful substances that is capable of causing any harm to your cats. Durable and hand made.


The oringinal drawer type mint trough can be sprinkled with fresh catnip at any time ,easy to change our cat wool balls box contains 1 wool ball 1 catnip capsule .

Only intened for cats, during play time there must be supervison, keep away from childern, not intened for dogs. 


    Shipping cost is a flat rate of $5.00


    Purchases over $100 includes free postage

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