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Animal Ultrasound machine pre order

Animal Ultrasound machine pre order

Medical ultrasound machine for animals including dogs and cats . Great for seeing pregnancy status this is a product we have used for many years at the boo boo crew


Host size: 228*137*49MM weight: 800G

Characteristic: High definition, function rich handheld diagnostic instrument, clear image

More than 4 hours standby time, 5.6 inch LED LCD, built-in 8gtf memory card


processing. Up/down, left/right, black / WHITE FLIP, real-time freezing


1: 3.5MHz (2.5/3.0/3.5/5.0)


Display : 46-208 Adjustable


Scope of application:

detection of pregnancy, estimation of fetal number, disease diagnosis, fetal vitality

identification, fetal heartbeat

Applicable object suitable for pregnancy diagnosis of sheep, pigs, dogs and other

animals (integrated data package of gestational age

measurement of 6 common animals)

Scope of application: large scale pig farms,

artificial insemination stations, feed / veterinary

15 kinds of

magnification screen 5.6 inch LCD screenMini UBS, TF card

Freeze / thaw button Work indicator

Switch button playback key

Confirm key Direction key

• Can be used for pigs, sheep and other large animals

• Diagnosis and measurement of abdomen and obstetrics of cats and dogs

Comfortable handheld imaging, light weight, easy to carry

• High resolution liquid crystal display improves diagnosis rat

The interface of UBS / TF card is convenient for fast image

storage and playback

Real time dynamic sound beam apodization

High quality probe Light source Photosensitive

lamp transistorGear


Clear image: high resolution liquid crystal

display, improve the diagnostic accuracy,

image automatic cycle

demonstration System function:

storage data can be copied, images are

not limited by the number of unlimited

storage Display mode: B, B+B

Eight kinds of false color image display

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